The Low Beat Music Book

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We believe that our music is unique because it is specifically designed to remain below 75 bpm. We invite visitors to download our book. The book examines the scientific research behind our music.

Brain entrainment is the natural process that allows our music to influence brain waves. It initiates the Alpha brain wave state which has the potential to help people in many areas.

The Alpha brain wave state is the brain waves that are initiated when meditating. By listening to our music you can initiate Alpha brain waves without having to spend years learning meditation.

Our book gives you the peer reviewed research references to allow you to check our claims and to see for yourself the possibilities our music offers. We believe we are only just scraping the surface of this music and that it can benefit people in ways as yet unexplored.

We charge 1p only because Paypal does not allow a no cost product. Click on the link below then go to the payment area on the relax page andfollow the instructions. The book will be downloaded to you.