Relax Music

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Low Beat Music

Music to relax to.This music is specially designed to relax and de-stress. Take time out at work, say at lunchtime, and spend 20 minutes listening to music which will combat the effects of stress. Long term stress is known to cause health problems. 

Low Beat Zither

Price: £5.00

The Zither an ancient chinese string instrument which gives a very oriental feel to the music which is rich and mellow  

Low Beat Koto/ Flute

Price: £5.00

The Koto is a japanese stringed musical instrument and when mixed with flute gives music which is easy to listen to.

Low Beat Flute/ Marimba

Price: £5.00

The Marimba is an african xylophone. This music mixes the marimba with flute, and evokes images tropical forests. 

Low Beat Forest Orchestra

Price: £5.00

This music evokes images of a forest with organ sounds enhancing the natural rhythm

Low Beat Choral

Price: £5.00

This music is designed to appeal to people who like choral music.   

Low Beat Zen

Price: £5.00

This music is designed to help you obtain the same brain wave state that is associated with Meditation. 

Low Beat Celestial

Price: £5.00

Starting with birds and water this music moves into bells, and voice to create an atmospheric sound that is very restful.

Low Beat Ambient

Price: £5.00

This music is  a combination of bells and organs mixed specially to provide a pathway to relaxation and better sleep.

Low Beat Surf

Price: £5.00

This music is gives the sensation of waves and surf.