The Hypnotherapy recordings are created by a qualified Hypnotherapist. The scripts have been used in live sessions with clients but without the background music. The background music used in these recording have been trialled with live clients and what was found was the music enhanced the hypnotherapy sessions by assisting the normal hypnotic process. The music makes the progressive muscular relaxation and the deepening parts of the sessions quicker and more effective. 

Hypnotherapy is said to be Self-Hypnosis and the client will not do anything that they didn’t want to do. Equally, these sessions are also only successful if the client wants them to be. People say they cannot be hypnotised. This is true if a client doesn’t want to be hypnotised a hypnotherapist will not be able to hypnotise them. 

If you are on this page you are looking for solutions so you will want to participate and  want results. Therefore you will be willing to be hypnotised but we cannot make you do anything you don’t want to.

The process is safe and if you participate effective. Using a qualified Hypnotherapist can cost between £25-50 per hour and normally for most conditions multiple sessions are required. You can have multiple sessions simply by listening to each recording a number of times. If you require a tailored recording contact the email address at the top tight hand corner    

Stress Relief

This recording uses a script created by a qualified Hypnotherapist. It is designed to give relief from stress, including stress experienced whilst asleep. A type of stress experienced by some people.

The script has Low Beat Music’s specialist music underlying it which enhances that the hypnotic process. The required brain wave state is achieved more easily and the trance state is deeper. Thereby giving more effective relief. The process is completely safe with no adverse after-effects. 

Self Confidence

This hypnotherapy session helps boost your self confidence