Visualisation Recordings

Visualisation Introduction

Visualisation is a technique used my many people, especially athletes, to achieve their objectives. In 1984 Olympic athletes used visualisation to enhance their performance. It has been used by people in many fields, including acting and business.

The explanation for the success of visualisation is “whatever you think about or focus on consistently you will achieve”. Desire + Visualisation + Feeling = Successfully Achieving your Objective (no matter what that objective is).

You must visualise every day, 2 or 3 times a day with feeling and passion.

The theory behind visualisation is that you are using the subconscious to achieve your aims. Joseph Murphy in “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” states that your subconscious mind is a garden, your conscious mind is the gardener. By using visualisation, you are planting seeds into your garden, and by nurturing these seeds (thoughts) you will make them blossom into flowers (desires).

However, as you can nurture positive and negative thoughts so to use this technique properly you must follow a plan to nurture only the positive thoughts and not the negative thoughts to get the results you wish.  

There are five steps,

  1. Specific Goal Setting
  2. Clear Picture
  3. A Relaxed Mind
  4. Repetition
  5. Do not worry about the End Result

A specific objective is the first requirement. This must always be expressed in the positive. If you think “I want perfect health”, that is good. However, if you think “I do not want to be ill”, that is a negative thought and will not work. The subconscious does not work in negatives so if you use a negative statement, it will take away the negative and therefore your thought will become “I want to be ill”.

Ideally write down you goal in as much detail as possible and then check you are not using negative phrases. This is easily done without you realising it until you become aware and check what you are thinking.

The second requirement is a clear picture. You must visualise the result that you desire in as much detail as possible as if you have already achieved it. You must use all your senses when you imagine the finished situation. See the picture, hear the sounds, imagine the smell and how it will feel. Imagine the picture as it was real and that you have achieved your goal. Believe you have achieved what you desire, whatever that is. 

Requirement three is a relaxed mind. It is recommended that when you use this technique you go into meditation. This enhances self-awareness and focus. The recordings produced by Low Beat Music have underlying music that is designed to put you into a meditative state for 10 minutes before we start the visualisation state.

You simply listen to the music until you are relaxed then go into the visualisation state for the objective you wish. This will either be on the recording, or you can continue listening to the music whilst you visualise your other desires.


The fourth requirement is repetition. Do this technique two or three times a day every day.

Lastly, do not worry about the end result. You simply have to believe 100% that you will achieve what you want.

Now each subject starts with a meditation to put you into the right frame of mind. This takes 10 minutes, and you only need to listen wholly to the music.

Then follows the visualisation exercise where you just follow the instructions.

Low Beat Music does produce meditation music on its own without a visualisation script so you can go into a meditative state and use your own scripts.

Low Beat Music cannot take an responsibility for the success of this technique because there is not time scale as to when your visualisation will happen. Also you may not follow the rules to the letter and may accidentally negate your practice. 

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